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2014 - Cutting Tool Engineering Articles


2014 Cutting Tool Engineering Articles

Published: December 2014
Cultivating the future of machining
Author: Keith Jennings
As I’ve said many times before: Time flies when you’re busy, and it sure has this year. One area keeping me busy is finding skilled workers.
Published: October 2014
IMTS was a worthy experience
Author: Keith Jennings
IMTS is a spectacle full of machining and related technologies that will excite anyone in this business, observes Manager's Desk Columnist Keith Jennings in the October 2014 issue of Cutting Tool Engineering.
Published: August 2014
Send shop guys to trade shows
Author: Keith Jennings
Manager's Desk author Keith Jennings writes in his August 2014 Cutting Tool Engineering column that he believes sending shop personnel to IMTS is a wise investment.
Published: July 2014
Getting big-company business
Author: Keith Jennings
If growth is part of your business model, landing contracts from the big guys can help fuel that growth and generate healthy revenue streams.
Published: June 2014
One good deed too many
Author: Keith Jennings
It should be assumed that companies with blue-collar positions are social organizations looking to employ goofballs with troubled pasts.
Published: May 2014
Managing family dynamics
Author: Keith Jennings
The dynamics at play when a machine shop is a family affair.
Published: April 2014
Small items can have a big impact
Author: Keith Jennings
Shop growth is much easier when your credit is solid, even with slight profitability, suggests Keith Jennings in his Manager's Desk column for the April 2014 issue of Cutting Tool Engineering magazine.
Published: March 2014
More on smart online marketing
Author: Keith Jennings
Presented here is the second part of the Manager's Desk column about Web-based marketing. The first part appeared in the February issue.
Published: February 2014
Smarter online marketing
Author: Keith Jennings
Keith Jennings, our Manager's Desk columnist, this month responds to readers asking for tips to increase sales, and, yes, his answer emphasizes the need for a Web presence and social media.
Published: January 2014
Up-front payment is required
Author: Keith Jennings
Manager's Desk Columnist Keith Jennings reflects on the ups and downs of the previous 12 months, with a nod to the “classroom of reality,” which he says continues to educate him and his team. As a result, his shop created a list of goals for 2014.