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About Us - With 30 years inside the city's Loop and 20 years outside it


“The path of mastering something is the combination of not only doing the best you can do at it, but also doing it the best it can be done." -- Gary Keller, The One Thing, p. 179


Who We Are

Within the "Crow Cast" of employees you will not find ...

... Any biogeochemists working here.

Nor astrogeologists.

Not even any geobotanical prospectors.

You will find ...

... Meteorologists and morning show hosts, Katrina fleers, ex-soldiers, prison volunteers, camp counselors and master gardeners, mass marketers, jazz drummers, speech givers, bible thumpers and baby makers, all in the shop.

Talk about getting some perspective. Where else in the world does this breadth of life exposure exist? All in a single fab shop?


And now that you've taken your “Crow Cue” feel free to send them an RFQ.


"Laughter can play a major role in reducing stress in the workplace…Laughing people are more creative people. They are more productive people. People who laugh together can work together."--Daniel H. Pink, A Whole New Mind, p. 204

<p>Credit: The New Yorker</p>

Credit: The New Yorker


What We Do

The biggest "Crow Clue" you can get about our operations is that ...

... There are two main services Crow Provides:

  1. Your Turnkey Vendor (Start to Finish)
  2. Your JIT Job Shop (just-in-time projects)

And with these services Crow readily provides your industry with:

  • Fabrication
  • Welding
  • Machining.

So go ahead and “Join the Crow Cause,” and get your work the second you need it...Right. On-time.



"The condition and maintenance of the metalworking shop have a direct effect on shop efficiency and morale…If it looks and smells bad, it probably is."--Tom Lipton, Metalworking Sink or Swim, p. 45